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Lanny Roenicke (Bass Guitar, Vocals, Trumpet)

The Bossmen - Saginaw's Number one Garage Band
Lanny Roenicke (Bass Guitar, Vocals, Trumpet)

YA GoGo - 1965 Saginaw YMCA Concert Video

Y-A-Go Go 1965 Saginaw

A special thanks to Lanny Roenicke and his daughter Christina Roenicke Launstein for this 8mm film of this rare 1965 YA-Go Go concert.

Saginaw YMCA 1965 - Y-A-Go Go

This rare video was filmed on a 8mm home movie camera at the YMCA gym in Saginaw, Michigan, the year was 1965. You can see the original band: Lanny, Dick, Keith, and Pete playing to local Saginaw fans. The YMCA, like Daniels Den, booked a lot of big acts during the years 1964-1967. Paul Revere and the Raiders played at the YMCA during that time period.

Michigan Garage Band

The Saginaw YMCA at 1915 Fordney Street is still in operation, but the dances and concerts ended in the early 1970s.