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Lanny Roenicke (Bass Guitar, Vocals, Trumpet)

The Bossmen - Saginaw's Number one Garage Band
Lanny Roenicke (Bass Guitar, Vocals, Trumpet)


Homepage - video with the the song "Thanks to you" written by Lanny Roenicke - Bass player, vocals, and Trumpet. The Bossmen were Daniels Den's number one house band.

Daniels Den Saginaw's Teenage Nightclub - This was Saginaw's number one teen nightclub in the sixties and early seventies, which drew all the Michigan Garage Bands as well as National Talent.

WSAM, WKNX, and WTAC Rock Radio - .These stations defined the Rock scene in the Tricity area in the sixties and sevenities.

Photos of the Bossmen and Others - Photos taken between the years 1964 - 1967 of Michigan Garage Bands as well as National Groups appearing with the Bossmen at Daniels Den teen nightclub and the YMCA Go Go.

1965 YMCA Go Go Concert - Very rare 8mm home movie converted for the web of a 1965 YMCA concert at the YMCA gym on Fordney Street in Saginaw, Michigan.

Lanny Roenicke Tribute - Song writer "Thanks to You."

Reunion 1994 - 1994 Bossmen Reunion

Saginaw Old Town - 1965 to 1978 - Saginaw's Hippie and BEat Community.

Contact Us - Contact the website and author page.