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Lanny Roenicke (Bass Guitar, Vocals, Trumpet)

The Bossmen - Saginaw's Number one Garage Band
Lanny Roenicke (Bass Guitar, Vocals, Trumpet)

The Bossmen - 1994 Reunion

Lanny on the trumpet with fire

Lanny's Famous Flaming Trumpet

A famous part of the Bossmen concerts was always Lanny playing his flaming trumpet.

This 1994 Performance

did not disappoint Bossmen fans as he belts out one of their signature concert songs. Lanny's trumpet can also be heard in the Bossmen single, "Wait And See from the summer of 1966.

(To my knowledge this 1994 concert was the last one played by all of the remaining Bossmen, Warren Keith their keyboard player and vocalist is deceased.)

Tom Tober

The Bossmen Dick Wagner

The Bossmen

Left to right: Dick Wagner, the keyboard player for the concert, Lanny Roenicke, and Pete Woodman. Standing is Tom Tober who took the idea of an all 60's Michigan Oldies Concert at Wenonah Park in Bay City to the Bay Arts Council. The council agreed to host the concert on August 6, 1994. The concert headlined with the Frost, the Bossmen, Question Mark and the Mysterians, Count and the Coloney, The Rationals, and the Paupers.

Dick Wagner and the Bossmen

Dick Wagner and Lanny on Bass

Shown in this photo is Dick Wagner playing lead guitar as Lanny Roenicke, on Bass, sings his hit song, "Thanks To You, by the Bossmen.

Lanny on Mark Farner